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Leslie Alexander

Web designer

Highly recommended!

Best tour service i had, recommended to use if you want to tour African countries

Jacob Jones


Great team

Indiscov is really doing a great job and i commend them for their charity scheme

Darlene Robertson

Business owner


Had passion for tour and i wanted to go to different African countries and indiscov made it possible, looking forward to go to more this year ending

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is indiscov?

Theoder Innocent Okechukwu commonly known as Indiscov is a Nigerian Vlogger who is most notable for creating short documentary videos and fundraising for less privileged.

How can I share my story with Indiscov and get paid?

To share your story with Indiscov you will need to apply and complete the form by submitting videos and photos of you, if your story is interesting you will be contacted on WhatsApp.

How can I join indiscov adventures?

To join indiscov tours you will need to choose a package you want and make your booking.

How to travel abroad

If you want to travel abroad you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money,simply make a consultation today and our team of lawyers will attend to you with solutions to navigate your way abroad.

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